Core Values




The core values that have guided the UGEI’s member schools from the start are “Responsibility, Independence and Humanism serving the public interest.”





Member schools have a duty towards:


  • Students, because schools are required to give them the means to access skilled employment as soon as they graduate

  • Parents, who place their trust in UGEI members

  • Companies, because schools guarantee the fine flexibility of their training programs

  • Society, because members are conscious of the impact student education and training has on the future

  • Staff, because schools need to ensure they offer their employees good working conditions






At UGEI, independence is based on the financial independence of its members, which is achieved through the variety of funding sources and a realistic approach to finances, requiring effective organizational management.



Members also demonstrate pedagogical autonomy and the ability to adapt quickly to new challenges. Schools are key players in the design of learning courses and programs; they make sure that education and training always stays in line with a changing society and evolving business needs.



Independent governance enables members to be completely transparent about the membership and operations of their governing bodies and to implement an ambitious strategy.





At UGEI, people and the values of secular humanism lie at the heart of any educational program. Students, lecturers, tutors, as well as business leaders are the focus of members’ activities at every stage of their work.











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